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About Us

The Mico University College Library was established from the inception of the institution in 1835 and served as an integral part of the programme to promote the professional and social development of the students in training.

In keeping with the student enrollment in 1896, the library was a small room located on the ground floor of Buxton Building in close proximity to the Principal's Office.

By the 1960's, with the growing student population, the need for additional texts, reading materials and work space became a priority. Hence, the library was moved to the first floor of Buxton Building (above BG8) where two classrooms were converted for this purpose.

Plans to establish a Museum cum Library/Learning Resource Centre were accelerated, and in 1992 this Centre was erected, forming the first floor of a 2-storey building - the ground floor being the INAFCA Museum. This building was dedicated as the Renford Shirley Building.

The present library occupies a space of approximately 2,400 square feet and has several attendant areas such as Offices, Media Room, Technical Service. Photocopy Room, Reserved Book Collection (R.B.C.), Circulation Area, General Reading Area, Recreation and Display Area, Baggage Area, Computer Area and Lecture Room for classes in Library Studies.

There is continuous effort to expand and update the Library services to meet the curriculum needs of the teacher education programmes in Primary and Secondary Education, and the Degree programmes. In this regard, the collection is being automated and students now have access to the Internet.

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